Programmable room thermostat

Superbly easy to operate and install, Danfoss Randall’s new TP4000 RF (wireless) programmable room thermostat is ideal for use with combination boiler systems and those numerous basic room temperature control applications that call for same-each-day programming. Today’s prominence of combination boilers, and the growing need for controls simplicity, means this unit is sure to appeal to a major sector of today’s domestic central heating controls market.

The stylish wall-mounted TP4000 RF incorporates all the features of the existing popular TP4000 and brings the additional installation benefits that come with RF (wireless) controls, i.e. no long fixed-wiring runs, no lifting floorboards, no channelling walls and no subsequent making good. The programmable controller transmits unique, secure radio signals up to 30 metres away to a hard-wired RX1 receiver unit located close to the boiler or other appropriate control component.

The TP4000 RF’s large, easy-to-read LCD panel displays am/pm times. Being battery operated (2 x AA), it requires only a two-wire connection when replacing existing thermostats.

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