Priva’s effortless BMS

Building control and communication just got easier with the introduction of two touch-screen interfaces from Priva Building Intelligence. Both have been designed on easy to understand graphical formats, but have the inbuilt flexibility to be customised to the user’s specifications. That includes full reconfiguration of the menu and help texts to best suit the user and the building(s) under control. And just as important, both provide a high resolution (320 x 240 mm) display at an affordable price.

The Comset HX Touchscreen has been designed primarily with the end-user in mind, allowing many basic operations to be executed in a quick and assured manner. System security is enhanced by only displaying the specific options for the current user. This makes the Comset HX Touchscreen the ideal unit for receptionists, caretakers and other non-technical staff.

The Compri HX Touchscreen is available in two versions: for use with individual Priva controllers or panel mounted. The latter is particularly useful in plant rooms as it eliminates the need to open and close panel doors in order to access the controllers, leading to greater equipment security.

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