Priva is right for BioVision

A Priva Building Intelligence building control system is providing close temperature and humidity control within a clean room manufacturing facility at BioVision. The company manufactures spectacle glass and contact lens cleaning fluid under laboratory conditions at its premises in Belgium.

Priva Partner, Fernlea Systems, installed three Compri HX4 intelligent controllers to manage three air handling units (AHU) supplying conditioned air to the manufacturing area. Although each Compri HX4 comes complete with a dedicated control panel, for ease of use the controllers have been linked to a central LCD display fitted into a main control panel within the plant room. This enables adjustment and interrogation to all three AHUs from a single site.

Individual close control to the manufacturing area is maintained within a temperature deadband of +/-1oC, with humidity control of +/-5% RH. Due to the 24-hour operation of the building services, alarm monitoring is being managed by BioVision staff. Critical alarms and change-of-state messages are automatically reported to a dedicated station by the Compri HX4, allowing staff to take decisive action dependent on the need.

The modular construction of the Compri HX range allows the controllers to be customised at the engineering stage. The Compri HX4, which is built around a powerful 32-bit microprocessor, can support a maximum of 92 I/Os. The I/O modules are universal and multi-functional for greater application flexibility.

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