Priva goes to jail

A  building management system (BMS) supplied by Priva Building Intelligence Ltd has been installed at Addiewell prison in Livingstone by Campbell Control Systems. 

Each of the four buildings that make up the 700-bed prison is served by a dedicated condensing boiler, supported by equally energy-saving variable speed pumps, and on the ventilation system, heat wheel and heat reclaim systems.  In case of an emergency it is usual to hard-wire a manual fireman’s override switch on the ventilation system, but in this instance automatic switching is under the control of the BMS, demonstrating the growing confidence in modern building management systems.  At Addiewell, the Priva BMS has been directly linked to the fire alarm system to activate a controlled shutdown in case of fire.

In the residential wings the BMS manages the gas-fired condensing boilers, comprising a lead boiler and two lag boilers, together with the LTHW constant flow volume heating circuit.  Six air handling units serve these wings incorporating thermal wheel heat recovery.  Output from each thermal wheel is controlled from temperature inputs from the supply air temperature controller, air inlet temperatures and the cells’ extract air temperatures.  Temperature output from the thermal wheels is controlled by varying the circulating speed of each wheel, which in turn is dependent on viable energy recovery. 

Consumption figures from the primary gas, water and electricity meters are also monitored by the BMS with any excess use being flagged to the system operator for further investigation.

Addiewell is now considering using the analytical power of the Priva BMS to establish an integrated Planned Preventative Maintenance system. 

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