PrimeTest meets your needs

The latest addition to the Seaward range of hand held portable appliance testers is the new PrimeTest 350.
In keeping with the new IET Code of Practice, the PrimeTest 350 is equipped with an RCD test, a 250V insulation resistance test and an alternative leakage test.

The alternative leakage test provides an indication of protective conductor current or touch current without applying mains power to the appliance under test and can be used where transient suppressors or other components prevent an insulation test being carried out.

The lightweight portable appliance tester incorporates all Class I and Class II required electrical safety tests in a compact user-friendly design. In addition, Bluetooth technology enables the wireless connection of bar code scanners, label printers and other accessories – allowing totally cable-free testing, without the cumbersome and constant plugging and unplugging of leads and cords.

Long life battery power in the PrimeTest range eliminates the reliance on mains supply and reduces the downtime between tests. This feature is extended in the new PrimeTest 350 through an in-situ fast re-charging port that enables the batteries to be charged without removing them from the instrument.

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