Prevent the tragedy

Peter Dayton, Scheme Director of Logic Certification, warns against ignoring health and safety laws, after Gillian Beckingham, the Barrow in Furness architect, is fined £15,000 for her role in Britain’s worst ever outbreak of Legionnaires disease. Barrow Council also faces £125,000 of fines for similar charges.

“Despite escaping the more serious charge of manslaughter, Gillian Beckingham and Barrow Council face massive fines, due to their blatant disregard for health and safety law. I urge all those responsible for the health and safety of others, from individuals to organisations as a whole, to consider whether they are putting lives at risk and take appropriate action. As a first step, attending a Legionella risk assessment course should be considered, an inexpensive option on the road to water safety.

Logic Certification’s Legionella Prevention and Water Treatment course costs in the region of £200 and equips candidates with the skills necessary to assess and prevent the threat of Legionnaires disease, according to guidelines set out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

“The deaths of innocent people and a £15,000 fine, or attending a course costing approximately £200? It seems an easy choice and one that should be taken seriously as part of appropriate measures to help prevent such tragedy happening again.”

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