Prevent downtime and loss

A new three-tiered variable speed drives service programme from ABB will help users prevent downtime and production loss.
The three levels of service – DrivesAdvantage, DrivesActive and DrivesActive+ – enable each customer to choose from a range of services that can be tailored to suit their needs and budget precisely.

Variable speed drives perform critical duties in many industrial processes and companies often pay a high price for breakdowns. ABB’s service portfolio is designed to boost the competitiveness of its customers by improving reliability and eliminating the potential disruption caused by poor drives management.

The aim is to maximise the reliability of each customer’s drives over their entire lifecycle. The portfolio ranges from the installation and commissioning of new drives, through maintenance and spares support during service, to replacing products as they reach the end of their working lives. “The idea is that we never reach the point at which obsolete equipment becomes difficult to support,” says Neil Ritchie, manager of instrumentation and drives products service for ABB. “It’s really a cradle-to-cradle approach.”

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