Pretty safe PIR lighting

Whether it is providing outdoor security lighting or automating internal courtesy and safety lights to conserve energy, automatic PIR’s lighting is everywhere. Practical yes, but until now not particularly pretty. But all that is changing….


These days, you’ll hardly notice the flush-mounting PIR detectors that will automate internal lighting, heating and ventilation and so help to reduce energy consumption.

Do remember that they can be a lot smarter than they look. While the workhorses of the market place will detect people walking along in a corridor or entering a room, the more sensitive Presence Detectors know when someone is sitting at a desk, possible moving only their fingers on a keyboard and ensure they are not plunged into darkness.

These smarter detectors can also give you more flexibility in space planning as it becomes possible to ‘zone’ an open plan area so that if needed lights further from windows come on while those closer to the ambient natural light do not. The same detectors can also, of course, be used to switch heating and ventilating systems in conjunction with thermostatic control and, with energy and running costs ever-higher on the agenda, a systems integrator’s ability to provide complete control without bolting ‘clunky’ devices to walls a ceilings proves that, just for once, you can please all of the people all of the time.

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A new generation of security lighting, which takes advantage of the smaller size of low-energy LED lighting.  Leading the pack is Timeguard who as usual have gone the extra mile on design with its new NightEyes. The LED NightEyes give instant brightness just like halogens, but they are much smaller and use a fraction of the power. They are much lighter too handle and much easier to install.

Single and double headed versions are available in a choice of black or white housings, with or without integral PIR, so they are useful as automatic lights or for energy-efficient floodlighting.  A single, high quality 8W LED gives illumination equivalent to 100W, while the double models, with a total of 16W consumption have illumination output equivalent to 200W from a conventional lamp. The lamps can be panned ant tilted, giving you more flexibility when it comes to locating the lights.

Talking about flexibility, another idea from Timeguard means that PIRs really can see around corners.  The new 360o PIR is a reliable PIR detector that can be used to extend the detection range of other PIR lights or to automate any exterior lighting for a project. The ingenious design means that this one product can be mounted on a wall, under eaves or an overhang or on a corner, all in one product.  This simple idea is yet another boon for designers with an eye on building’s aesthetics.

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