Pressurisation units deliver seamless maintenance of system pressure

Aquatech Pressmain are keeping us warm again this winter with their PED compliant Aquaspill range of pressurisation units, designed to maintain the water pressure in heating and chilled water systems for large commercial situations including any district heating systems. Ideal for hospitals, they are designed to maintain a near constant system pressure regardless of temperature changes, by seamlessly adding or removing water as required.

The series has options to deal with temperatures of 3°C to 200°C, a fill pressure of up to 25.0 bar and almost unlimited system content. All with multiple variable speed pumps and stainless steel spill tank(s) for low maintenance and options of either passive or active buffer vessels for high temperature systems, minimizing space requirements.

Aquatech Pressmain offer a comprehensive sizing service ensuring that each unit is correctly specified for the system requirements. All built at the factory in Essex, with the quality, longevity  and reliability Aquatech Pressmain are known for.

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