Pressing Matters


Pipes can be connected in various ways. Probably the most popular connecting technology today is “pressing” because it saves precious time, involves no open flames and leads to a high-quality connection. For any press connection to be made successfully, pipes, fittings and the inlaid O-ring are pressed together with a professional pressing tool. Normally, every manufacturer’s system can only be pressed with one very specific contour. SANHA however offers full tool compatibility for their metal piping systems. This means that up to and including 54 mm, all original press profiles (SA, V or M) can be used. For plastic piping systems, the tool compatibility applies to TH, B, F, H and U can be used for our new range. The benefit here is obvious – installers can use their existing tooling in any building project where SANHA piping systems are installed and be safe in the knowledge that the connection will work irrespective of the tool used. Furthermore, most SANHA piping systems have a leak path function which immediately shows unpressed connections as well as Push & Stay, so that a fitting will hold in place. This is especially practical when making connections over-head.


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