PRESSGUN PICCO 6 PLUS – the new compact press tool from VIEGA

Building on the long-term success of its press tool range, Viega has launched Pressgun Picco 6 Plus. The compact and ergonomic tool has been engineered to make press connection installation simple, even in the most restricted or awkward spaces.As part of the latest generation of Viega press tools,it also features Bluetooth connectivity and app integration for easier tool management as well as enhanced safety and security.


In an update to the design from previous Viega compact press tools, Pressgun Picco 6 Plus features a new inline configuration and is designed to operate as a natural extension of the user’s arm. It also has a 180° rotating head, so pipe connections can be pressed at any angle and is compatible with a range of press ring adapters to help installers deal with the most challenging pipework locations.

Weighing just 1.6kg, it is 700g lighter than the previous Pressgun Picco and allows comfortable one-handed operation. This means it is now even easier to complete connections in confined spacesor where full access to the pipework may be more challenging, such as forrepair and refurbishment work.

The Pressgun Picco 6 Plus is compatible with metallic Viega press connectors, such as Profipress and Sanpress, in dimensions from 12 to 35 mm, Megapress thick-walled steel tube connectors from 3/8 to 3/4 inch and Viega Smartpress multilayer composite pipe system from 12 to 40 mm.

Additionally, among the new technologies included in the latest Viega press tools is smart connectivity capabilities.Pressgun Picco 6 Pluslinks to a smartphone or other connected device via Bluetooth and the new Viega Tool Services app provides additional functionality. Users can view full tool information and the current status, including battery level and the total number of pressings since the last service. Through the app the pressing mode of the tool can also be changed, with the choice of Viega AutoCycle, the default setting, which presses the connectors in one action, and Viega SmartCycle, which presses the connection in two stages to allow inspection prior to completing the pressing.


Also, for greater safety and security, usage controls can be set to deactivate the tool after a set number of pressings, date or time is reached and anti-theft protection can automatically shut down the tool when it is taken outside of a defined area. The app also allows tracking of the connected tools so users can see where each is located. Separate tracking fobs can be attached to previous generation tools, allowing their location to be displayed in the app.


Furthermore, Pressgun Picco 6 Plus has longer service intervals than previous models at 40,000 pressings or 4 years, whichever occurs first, and features an automatic safety shutdown after 42,000 pressings. The LED status display on the tool clearly indicates when 40,000 pressings has been reached.


With Pressgun Picco 6 Plus, users also benefit from a new increased capacity 12 V battery system for longer runtimes. The new batteries are available in 3.0 and 6.0 Ah versions and are protected within the casing of the tool. For even greater flexibility, Pressgun Picco 6 Plusis also compatible with other commercially available batteries of the same design.

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