Pressac release Mini Sensor range to help buildings talk

Pressac’s new range of wireless mini sensors which help buildings talk

UK electronics manufacturer, Pressac Communications Limited has released a new range of mini, wireless, low energy sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, dry contact and door or window opening and closings. They offer a wide variety of potential responses to improve security and reduce energy waste within buildings.

The small, unobtrusive, easy to install, solar powered wireless sensors measure temperature and humidity, as well as dry contact output, door and window status to get an instant view of the conditions in each room or zone within a building, transmitting data wirelessly using the EnOcean® Protocol. The data captured can feed into an existing building management system or using Pressac’s smart gateways, sensor data can be made securely available in formats such as MQTT and JSON.

Jamie Burbidge, Product Manager – Digital Solutions at Pressac said:

“The non-invasive, easy to install mini-series sensor range has been designed to complement Pressac’s existing offering both aesthetically and functionally. These sensors form part of a suite that we will continue to develop to match our customers’ requirements. We are continually extending our turnkey capabilities into other smart building solutions to make building and energy management more economical and functional.”

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