President commits to reform

HVCA president Mike McCloskey has summed up the Association’s key goals as “a better construction industry, a better built environment, a better deal for members, and a better outcome for the client”.

In his inaugural address, which was delivered at this year’s HVCA Annual Dinner, Mr McCloskey reminded his audience that each new presidency provided an opportunity to take stock of past successes, to re-examine current objectives, and to develop fresh initiatives that would deliver increased value to the membership and the industry.

“The obligation we owe to the overall sector – in addition to the interests of our own members – has been a central element in the development of the Association throughout its ten decades,” the president pointed out.

He added that a successful, well-managed and profitable industry was crucial to the long-term survival, prosperity and well-being of the entire construction process. And that the existence of a level playing field on which all members of the team could play their very best game could deliver benefits that would otherwise be out of everyone’s reach.

“Much of our time, effort and resources, will therefore continue to be directed at the creation, maintenance and delivery of a just and equitable culture,” said Mr McCloskey. “A culture in which all participants in the construction process are treated with fairness and respect, and in which everyone is equipped to operate at the very peak of their performance.”

Turning his attention to the Government’s review of the Construction Act, Mr McCloskey acknowledged that, during the decade that had passed since the introduction of this ground-breaking legislation, it had become clear that the protections it offered were not as effective as many had hoped.

“This review gives us a further opportunity to campaign for the reversal of a culture in which instances of contractual abuse, onerous contract conditions and unjustified late payment continue to abound.

“As long as the long-term health of our sector remains vulnerable to outside interests that share neither our vision nor our integrity, the HVCA will maintain its central position of influence,” Mr McCloskey insisted.

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