Presence detection from Timeguard

Already established in the PIR marketplace with its top-selling 360o PIR detectors, Timeguard has now added to its range more sensitive presence detectors that are just as easy to fit.
These detectors, backed by the trusted Timeguard name and warranty,  break new ground in price performance to bring the benefits of presence detection to more building users – and optional remote controls mean everyone will find them easy to set.
As their name suggests, these ceiling-mounted  devices detect the presence of people by picking up small movements.  People do not need actually to walk  through the detection field for lights or heating/ventilating equipment to switch or stay on. This makes presence detectors ideal for open plan offices, libraries and reception areas etc. Integral and adjustable Lux level detectors ensure that lights are only switched when ambient conditions require.
The new Timeguard Presence Detector range includes single and dual channel versions for ceiling or flush mounting. The detection field is adjustable up to 7m.
The optional remote control enables users to set lux levels, light on times and field dimensions using a simple hand-held device.

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