Presence and absence detection

The new ceiling mounted presence detector EBDSPIR-PRM from CP Electronics is an extension of the EBDSPIR detector range and offers many additional features not found on the standard EBDSPIR detector, including presence as well as absence detection.
The passive infrared detector EBDSPIR-PRM can be set for absence detection, presence detection or both, switching the load on or off according to occupancy after a preset time.  The time delay is adjustable between 10 seconds and 99 minutes and, if there is sufficient natural light, a built-in photocell will keep the lighting switched off. It also has the benefit of optional manual override and can be used with incandescent, fluorescent and compact fluorescent light sources.
An integral infrared sensor in the unit allows programming via an optional handset, providing complete flexibility over many of the operating parameters without the need to gain access to the ceiling void. The sensitivity, lux and time settings can also be adjusted manually using the controls on the rear of the sensor head.

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