Premium hot-finished tubes from Tata Steel

Not all tubes are the same, therefore in today’s UK building services market it is vital that tubes are correctly specified to ensure that fully compliant and traceable hot-finished products are used.

Otherwise there is a risk of commodity, non-compliant cold-formed or other poor quality tubes getting into the supply chain.  This risk significantly increases if parts of the project are subcontracted out without suitable controls in place.

Commodity products are technically inferior to our UK manufactured hot-finished tubes, and are typically manufactured outside of the UK, and can suffer from a range of traceability, compliance as well as quality, warranty and mechanical issues.

Tata Steel’s Install® Plus 235 hot finished, multi-certified tubes have been specifically developed for use in a wider range of building and industrial pipework services.

Made using a stronger S235GT steel grade (compared to the withdrawn BS1387  S195T products), our fully hot-finished offering delivers improved fabrication, installation and service life benefits, as well as being fully compliant with the CE marking requirements of the Construction Products Regulations (CPR).


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