Premier League Cable Protection for new VVIP Seats

Sports fans can now enjoy up to 20 years of comfort on a new range of heated seats while watching their favourite live stadia events, thanks to cable protection supplied by Flexicon.

Specialist seating company Bluecube3 has extended its Luxura brand of luxury seating to include a heated option for VVIPs (very very important persons) and corporate suites.  The new range is suitable for outdoor or indoor applications and can be individually pedestal mounted or rail mounted in a line using the company’s standard support structure.

Says Russel Plant, Managing Director of Bluecube3: “We have an excellent reputation for providing seating for the most iconic stadia in the world.  People watching live events such as the Olympics, football, cricket, rugby and American football have all sat in our seats.

“Our Luxura brand has always offered unparalleled quality for premium seating at a sporting event.  We have now improved its specification further by providing a heated seat option.  Cabling is fed into each row of seating and needs protecting to ensure public safety and continuation of supply over its entire 20-year lifespan.”

Bluecube3 specified Flexicon’s stainless steel corrugated conduit FSS system for external seating and its FSB metallic conduit system for internal seating.  Both systems provide excellent tensile or pull off strength and have a high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance to prevent accidental or deliberate damage to the cabling.

Both are also aesthetically appealing for an area of a stadium where people demand the highest standards.

The FSS system also provides superior protection against the weather and water ingress, even if it is submerged, with an IP rating of IP68 and has excellent corrosion resistance.  Both systems provide EMC screening so that individuals can use the stadium’s Wi-Fi without the risk of electrical interference from the cabling.

Continues Plant: “We have already started fitting the new heated Luxura seating into a new premier league football stadium.  The flexible conduit system installation has been straightforward, and we are delighted with the results. With an excellent reputation to maintain, it is vital that we get the specification correct for our new heated Luxura range to ensure years of comfort.”

For further information about Flexicon’s flexible conduit range contact:  Flexicon Ltd, Roman Way, Coleshill, Birmingham.  B46 1HG.


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