Premier brands protected by Wagner

PowaKaddy has invested in Air Sampling Smoke Detection (ASD) systems from Wagner UK to protect its new manufacturing facility in the South East of England. PowaKaddy is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of electric golf caddies, selling to more than 30 countries worldwide through its PowaKaddy and Hill Billy brands.
Titanus PRO•SENS systems were installed by Wagner UK’s local partner Genesis Integrated Systems to protect both the manufacturing and assembly areas as well as the large warehouse facility. Wagner UK’s Titanus ASD systems provide an ideal and cost effective solution for smoke detection in these types of large open areas. PRO•SENS can detect fires at a very early stage, often before visible smouldering takes place and smoke develops. This early detection is vital for PowaKaddy to ensure staff safety, business continuity and the protection of its high-value stock in the event of a fire.

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