Precision heat metering made simple with new Danfoss SonoSelect

1Combining ultrasonic technology with advanced control the new Danfoss SonoSelect heat meter makes precision energy metering easy for properties supplied by a district heat network or communal heating system. As well as delivering reliable and consistent energy data, SonoSelect offers a new level of installation and commissioning simplicity – together with access to advanced diagnostics – via smartphone using the Danfoss SonoApp and SonoDongle Bluetooth connector. Water and dust protected to IP65 and Class 2 MID approved, the compact SonoSelect can be configured to mount on supply or return 2pipework into each property. With no in/outlet restrictions, and no moving parts, SonoSelect ensures years of reliable operation, even under harsh ambient temperature conditions. Offering a fully compliant solution to the new Heat Network Regulations, data transfer from individual SonoSelect heat meters for billing purposes can be performed via AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) with no need for an on-site visit. For more information visit


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