Precision control from Schell

The latest product to be introduced to the UK market by Schell GmbH is the COMPACT LC urinal control.

This new product can be used with all urinal bowls, including those manufactured in stainless steel and offers a variety of precisely delivered, easily programmed flush programmes.

The sensor itself and the REED switch that controls it are concealed from sight not only for aesthetic reasons but also to prevent vandalism and, by use of the COMPACT II roughing-in set, the unit is extremely simple to install. It is ideally suited for offices, factories and all public washroom facilities.

The COMPACT LC sensor sits to the rear of the siphon provided with the kit. The flush is immediately activated by contact with liquid and is corrosion proof, detecting liquid flow even when heavy urine or scale deposits are present. Flush options consist of a one or two litre flush or of a hybrid flush for urinals using a sealing liquid. There is also a choice of service programmes and a diagnostic programme to check the components of the system.

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