Precision and Process Steam Humidification with FlexLine Plus and Process

A stable and controlled room climate is indispensable for many production processes as fluctuations in air humidity and excessively dry air have a huge influence on the raw materials used, their processing capabilities and the quality of the end product.

Understanding this HygroMatik, the humidification equipment manufacturer, has developed FlexLine Plus and Process heater steam humidifiers for use in sensitive areas of industrial production and for the stabilisation of the relative air humidity in laboratories and research facilities.

FlexLine units function as a construction system and only include those add-ons needed to meet your specific humidification requirements. Available in one size, FlexLine Plus and Process units offer seven output classes from 5 to 50kg/h steam output.

In hospitals and other medical areas the units are available with stainless steel cylinders to generate hygienic and mineral free steam. Two cylinder sizes are available with adjustable volumes to meet humidification capacity.

Offering the same advantages of FlexLine Plus, FlexLine Process units are supplemented with an increased control accuracy of up to +/- 0.5% relative humidity. To achieve this FlexLine Process is operated exclusively with demineralised water, resulting in an almost maintenance-free run.

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