Precise air management

The new Fläkt Woods air handling unit (AHU) brochure shows a comprehensive range of AHU options, designed to ensure that every application receives the precise air management it needs.

The choice of modular technology includes the EU range, offered in 24 sizes to suit a wide spread of requirements. The hygiene variants are ideal for environments with specialist needs. All variants can be integrated with any energy recovery device, including the innovative Fläkt Woods Econet system, for high energy efficiency and location flexibility. Twin wheel units are also offered for such applications as chilled beams where dehumidification and reheat are necessary.


The compact EC range combines supply, exhaust and energy recovery functions within a single unit and has a smaller than usual footprint and height. The Sting unit incorporates rotary energy recovery and totally integrated controls. Other ranges include VEKA, units designed to fit into ceiling voids and EUMM/EMAA, created especially for such marine applications as ferries and cruise ships. The smallest units on offer are RoomMaster ABR, a compact AHU and displacement terminal for installation within occupied space, and TopMaster, a compact AHU with thermal wheel, for installation within cupboards.

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