Powrmatic enhances air distribution

Powrmatic has introduced the Midea Compact Round Flow heat pump cassette, which features 360 degree air distribution, inverter control and a low profile of just 260mm. Sized to fit a standard 600mm x 600mm ceiling grid, the cassettes are available with cooling/heating capacities of 3.2kW/4.0kW or 5.3kW/6.0kW and can also be used to introduce tempered fresh air.

Unlike standard cassettes, the Round Flow range, which also includes higher capacity Super Slim models, uses a 360 degree round air outlet panel to provide efficient distribution of conditioned air throughout the space. The result is that less energy is consumed to reach set-point temperatures, while energy efficiency is further enhanced by the inverter control of fan speed.

The Compact Round Flow cassette has been designed for ease of installation, while its low profile means it can be used in shallow ceiling voids where standard cassettes would be too deep. The 570mm x 570mm body and 647mm x 647mm panel ensure a neat and unobtrusive fit in one standard ceiling tile.

Powrmatic’s Super Slim Round Flow cassettes are available in cooling capacities from 7.1kW to 14.0kW and heating capacities from 7.6kW to 15kW.


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