Powerstar is an innovation winner with Wates

Leading manufacturer of integrated smart energy solutions, Powerstar, has been chosen by Wates Sustainable Technology Services – part of the Wates Group – as an innovation partner. The partnership will help enable Wates’ customers to implement Powerstar’s leading energy saving technologies into projects with support from industry experts.

Since 2001, Powerstar has helped thousands of businesses reduce their electrical consumption and costs, whilst enhancing power resilience, through its award-winning technologies, including energy storage, voltage optimisation, and smart distribution transformer solutions.

The Wates Group is one of the leading privately-owned construction, development, and property services companies in the UK. Wates Sustainable Technology Services support customers and partners to achieve their sustainability goals by helping to identify, select and implement cost-effective and proven sustainable technologies.

Sustainable technology investment is a challenge for business, particularly as energy consumption and costs continue to escalate, and it can be difficult for organisations to find the right market ready products to utilise. By acting as an innovation broker between Powerstar and its customer, Wates’ dedicated team of experts can help address these challenges and support businesses in creating the next generation of efficient, low carbon buildings, whilst reducing operating costs.

Powerstar was chosen to be an approved partner by Wates following an extensive selection process due to the innovative technologies it offers, including voltage optimisation solutions which reduce electrical consumption and carbon emissions; energy storage which enables the flexible use of energy to provide cost savings and revenues, coupled with full Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) capabilities and the ability to maximise renewable energy; as well as super low loss amorphous core smart distribution transformers.

Powerstar’s Energy Optimisation System (EOS), along with an integrated remote monitoring platform, enables the combination of these technologies for optimal energy management, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and cutting carbon emissions for businesses.

Powerstar’s solutions proved an ideal fit for Wates’ criteria due to the proven track record of success across numerous sectors including manufacturing, hospitality, and retail, as well as offering attractive payback periods for energy efficiency projects delivering bespoke and optimised technologies to enable businesses to achieve their energy targets.

Speaking about the partnership, Powerstar CEO, Dr Alex Mardapittas, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen to be a part of Wates Sustainable Technology Services’ portfolio. This association will help enable businesses to achieve their sustainability objectives through improving their energy management, and I am looking forward to seeing Powerstar solutions deployed to solve the energy challenges of Wates’ customers and partners.”

To find out more about Powerstar, please visit https://powerstar.com.To find out more about Wates Sustainable Technology Services, please visit https://www.wates.co.uk/who-we-are/sustainability/sustainabletechnology/

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