Powersolution from Seaward

Seaward has introduced an innovative new concept in 17th edition fixed installation inspection and testing in the shape of the new PowerPlus 1557 Powersolution package.

This unique integrated solution eliminates the need for a multi-function test instrument and separate paper or PDA recording devices normally associated with 17th edition test procedures.


The new concept works by incorporating an electronic copy of the inspection and test certificate in a combined multi-function electrical tester and data logger.


The lightweight PowerPlus 1557 multifunction tester has been designed for maximum portability and ease-of-use. Unique onboard electronic certificate software enables test data to be recorded directly by the tester using a replica of the inspection and test certificate, which is displayed on the instrument.


During inspection and testing, the user can easily navigate around the onboard electronic certificate. When measured circuit values are required, the appropriate measurement function is automatically enabled and results are automatically placed in the correct certificate fields.


Once all inspection and test data has been collected, the onboard ‘Seaward Certificate Assistant’ will scan the certificate and warn the user if any fields appear to be incomplete or invalid.

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