Powerful warning systems

To protect the lives of people and workers in a variety of environments, Klaxon Signals offers a selection of wide area warning siren systems in its product range. Advanced technology in siren control means a selection of warning systems are available to cover varied applications such as COMAH sites, petrochemical, nuclear, defence, construction industries and environmental disaster areas.
Conventional motor driven sirens, including ATEX approved models, are manufactured using robust technology for use in both safe and hazardous outdoor environments.
Sophisticated Electronic sirens are available for safe area operation, emitting pre-recorded or live voice messages in addition to traditional tones. A full range of control equipment is available: stand alone hard wire switch control; computer system control; radio and/or satellite controlled link units.
Electronic sirens are designed to perform silent tests at a designated time which determines the operational capability of the siren. Any loss of power on site will not affect the battery operated siren as an AC power supply is only required to maintain the battery charge.
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