Powerful new solution

When boilers, air conditioning plant and heat exchangers scale up, time is of the essence in removing the scale and getting the plant functional again. Chemical descaling is the favoured method of solving the problem, and Kamco has introduced SCALEBREAKER FX, a vigorous descaling agent which dissolves lime-scale, rust and corrosion deposits.

The product is circulated through the equipment to be descaled, reacting immediately, taking deposits into solution, with the evolution of carbon dioxide allowing visual monitoring of the descaling process.

SCALEBREAKER FX incorporates special inhibitors to protect steel, stainless steel, iron, cast iron, copper and brass, and is safe to use with metals commonly found in heating and cooling systems.

A built-in colour code assists users in knowing when the SCALEBREAKER solution is exhausted. The red colour gradually changes to yellow as lime-scale is dissolved and the solution becomes neutralised. More SCALEBREAKER FX may then be added if descaling has not yet been completed.

SCALEBREAKER FX is suitable for descaling boilers, water heaters, chillers, condensers, combination boiler heat exchangers, calorifiers, shell and plate heat exchangers etc.


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