Powerful, fast-acting, stainless steel boilers for Georgian Hotel

AB_VF_condensing_boilerAtlantic Boilers of Lancashire have supplied a new heating system for the 30 bedroom Wynnstay Hotel in Oswestry, giving flexibility for managing the energy programme over the varying winter and summer seasons.

Renovation of the gas-fired heating and hot water plant included  replacing the 30-year old cast-iron heating boiler and two 15-year old direct-fired hot water generators. Two new VF low NOx, pre-mix low NOx gas condensing boilers were installed each of which has modulating output between 26kW and 100kW.


The two boilers give efficiency up to 97% GCV and with a built-in boiler management system are arranged for one to serve domestic hot water and one to provide space heating to the Hotel – either boiler can serve either heating requirement. The VF boilers form part of a flexible, compact system and have been installed in many types of building including golf clubs, care homes and housing trust accommodation.


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