Potterton’s Sirius SAT

The Sirius SAT is a totally new type of product to join the Potterton Commercial range, responding to a trend towards centralised heating and hot water solutions in multi-occupancy residential developments. Sirius SAT is a Heat Box range for the provision and control of heating and hot water within each dwelling of a residential block of flats that is served by a centralised plant room. This centralised method of heating results in reduced installation costs, fewer flues and visible plumage and reduced annual appliance service charges. Furthermore, it is easier to integrate Low and Zero Carbon (LZC) energy solutions, like the Andrews SOLARflo solar thermal system, whose benefits can be distributed to all the residents.

The Sirius SAT Heat Boxes are available in eight models, depending on the size of the residential block and whether domestic hot water is required in addition to heating. No matter what size they are, the units are all compact and can be installed where space is limited, ensuring ease of installation. 

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