Portables offer performance

Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products has launched an extensive new range of portable extinguishers in the UK under the TOTAL brand.  They are available through Express Fire in Manchester and from a country-wide network of approved TOTAL supply partners that are trained to advise, install and maintain the right extinguishers in peak condition.  The options include foam, water, dry powder and CO2 extinguishing agents.
Internationally-approved and manufactured in Germany to the industry’s most exacting standards, the range comprises models that are suitable for Class A, B, C, D and F fires.  The TOTAL offering also includes several unique speciality portable extinguishers, each of which is designed to satisfy particular fire safety challenges or market needs.
These specials include powder portables for metal and coal fires; antimagnetic CO2 portables for hospitals and clinics; specially-formulated water portables for sawdust fires; wet chemical portables for cooking oil and fat fires, and purpose-designed foam portables for polar liquid fires. 
In addition a unique Tandem portable/automatic extinguisher has also been devised which doubles up as a fixed, automatic extinguisher for protecting unattended fire risks.

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