Portable methane detector identifies leaks from a safe distance

crowconCrowcon’s ATEX-certified LaserMethane mini (LMm) is rolled-out to cities across Italy

Crowcon – a world leader in portable and fixed gas detection instruments – announces that the use of its LaserMethane mini (LMm) portable methane-detection device has been rolled out to all major Italian cities following the successful completion of a trial with a leading Italian gas distribution system operator. The LMm portable, ATEX-rated, remote methane detector allows the gas to be detected at distances of up to 30 metres to provide improved operator safety.

The two-year trial of the LMm detector took place across a number of cities throughout Italy, allowing the device to be tested under a range of operating and weather conditions. The trial confirmed that, even in difficult urban situations, the LMm detector was able to monitor gas leaks from a remote location.

A key application for the LMm detector is remote monitoring of methane gas leaks in closed premises or confined spaces. By allowing them to remain at a safe distance from potentially dangerous leaks, the LMm provides additional safety for operators, as well as making the detection process faster and easier. The LMm also eliminates the risk of false positive readings because it is sensitive only to methane and is not affected by the presence of other gases.

Other remote monitoring applications include the monitoring of above-ground riser pipes which carry gas to consumer premises, allowing them to be checked from ground level to eliminate the need for ladders or access to the building. In addition, the LMm can be used to check valves, fittings and pipes inside a pressure regulating station, providing readings which are faster and more accurate than the results from traditional methods.

The LMm uses laser absorption spectroscopy to measure methane density and presents the readings in numerical and graphical formats on a clear backlit display. The latest generation LMm Gen 2 version includes a separate LED alarm indicator and louder audible notification. On start-up, it performs a self check which maintains the accuracy of the readings whilst also eliminating the need for external calibration.

The LMm is ATEX-approved for use in explosive environments and can detect methane at a distance of up to 30 meters in standard mode, or 100 meters with a reflector. Weighing just 600 grammes, the LMm is both compact and lightweight and features automatic ranging and a battery life of five hours.

“Following the success of the two-year trial in Italy, the gas operator now has LMm portable methane gas detectors in use in over 30 major Italian cities, including Rome, Turin, Naples and Venice,” explains Fiona Macrae,  Marketing Manager EMEA, Crowcon.

LMm is now available with a green laser guide light, which is more visible especially under strong sunlight.  The Laser Methane Mini-Green (LMm-G) combines the benefit of LMm with additional data storage functions and comes with Bluetooth capability, which can be connected to any android device.

About Crowcon

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