Portable gas detector

Crowcon has added more features to its Triple Plus+ portable gas detector, making it even more versatile than ever. Favoured by the construction and oil and gas industries because of its toughness, and with around 100,000 units in use worldwide, the Triple Plus+ is arguably the world’s most popular full function multi-gas gas detector.

The device, which can monitor up to four toxic and flammable gases at once from a list of over 15, is almost unbreakable and uses the larger 7-series sensors which have been shown to be the most reliable sensor type available. The unit’s carbon dioxide accuracy has been significantly improved and it now also has a 0-1.00ppm arsine sensor, allowing it to be used to detect the dopant gas in semiconductor manufacturing. The detector has also been made compatible with Crowcon’s CheckBox calibration station, making calibration and bump testing easy.

In addition, the Triple Plus+ IR (infrared) version is now compatible with ISO 61779 LEL (lower explosion limit) concentrations.

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