Portable emergency lighting

Cooper Lighting and Security has expanded its Menvier range of products with the addition of the ULP50 rechargeable hand lamp – a versatile and reliable light source that can function either as portable emergency lighting or as a high-quality, high-output rechargeable torch.
Designed to provide good all-round distribution of light, the hand lamp can be set to come on automatically in the event of a mains failure, or it can be controlled manually if preferred.

The ULP50 is equipped with two separate lamps and a switch at the rear of the unit that allows the user to select either a single lamp to maximise battery duration or both lamps for maximum light output. Extremely easy to install, the hand lamp is supplied with a wall-mount hanging bracket and a power cable that simply plugs into a normal mains socket.

Whenever the hand lamp is connected to the mains supply, the batteries are automatically charged by the integral battery charger, ensuring that the unit is always ready for use when needed.

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