Polysure makes its debut

A new range of plumbing fittings dubbed Polysure, has been launched by Polypipe.

Polysure is a new range of radial press fit fittings that can be used with either or both of Polypipe’s grey Polyplumb and white Polyfit polybutylene pipes, in residential and light commercial applications.

Polypipe Product Manager, Darren Cockayne, said, “Plumbers and heating installers are increasingly comfortable with the benefits of plastic piping systems. There is no longer nervousness about plastics in plumbing and heating installations, especially where elevated temperatures and pressures are involved.

“Plastics give a clear advantage over traditional materials when it comes to flexibility. The ability to bend and curve pipes in and around buildings and their structure means quicker, easier installation. Coupled with highly engineered push fit fittings, plastic systems give the installer a level of security that gives real peace of mind. And, Polysure will simply add to that warm feeling, but even more so because of the additional benefits it offers specifiers and installers alike.”

He concluded, “Polysure offers safe, heat-free jointing with no more jointing consumables to buy such as flux and solder, adding to the cost savings that using Polysure can offer.”


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