Plurio puts a lid on light

Sustainability and well-being are important factors in the Thorn Plurio range of lanterns, especially designed for urban and residential spaces.

A special multi-facetted rotational reflector improves visibility, minimises glare and directs the light down, thus avoiding obtrusive light (upward light <1%). Optical accessories include a lamp cowl, a 120° cut-off shield and an ULOR 0% ring giving no upward light for areas with intrinsically dark landscapes.

The lantern takes either a 70 or 100W HIT-CE / HPS lamp, or a 57W CFL. There are four canopy styles with the possibility of customising the Plurio Effect and Original bi-coloured canopies. Fashioned from recyclable aluminium finished in silver grey and sealed to IP65, the Plurio is best suited to post top mounting at 3.5m. A range of columns and brackets, conforming to EN 40, continues the design theme.

It is these features that help the Plurio create friendly and effective illumination that enhances the quality of the urban environment without compromising the future.

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