Plumbing publication will benefit thousands

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Plumbing Council (WPC) have launched ‘Health Aspects of Plumbing’ (HAP), a joint publication with contributions from experts around the world.

This publication is dedicated to assisting in achieving the best possible plumbing levels to ensure the highest health benefits from use of sound plumbing practices. It is aimed at administrators and plumbers working in areas that are served by a mains drinking-water supply or sewerage system, or are about to install a mains drinking-water supply or sewerage system. It should be of particular value to those working in countries or areas that are in the early stages of introducing effective plumbing systems. It will also act as a reminder to developed countries not to become complacent about plumbing.

Robert Burgon, Deputy Chairman of WPC and Director of SNIPEF said: “The publication of HAP is possibly the most significant milestone in the history of the World Plumbing Council so far. This joint publication with the World Health Organisation is important for plumbers everywhere.

“Although the primary purpose of the document is to provide guidance to developing nations where there is little or no structured approach to plumbing, I believe it will also play a significant contribution in developed countries. In many developed nations, including the UK, the link between good plumbing and good health has either been long forgotten or is ignored. HAP will assist in reminding politicians and society as a whole that the plumbing industry plays a vital role in protecting our health.”

Andy Watts, IPHE Chief Executive, who has been Secretary of WPC for 10 years said: “Back in November 1997, we suggested to WHO that their 1982 Guidelines on Health Aspects of Plumbing needed revision. After nearly nine years and nine drafts it is great to see HAP finally in print. Its recommendations are a wake-up call to governments and the medical profession around the world that bad plumbing is bad for people and, in some cases, can kill. Indeed, HAP highlights the need for enforceable regulations and the statutory registration of plumbers – a longstanding quest of the Institute and the Worshipful Company of Plumbers.”

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