Plug fans with EC technology

ebm-papst has introduced their award-winning EC technology into a range of backward curved centrifugal fans, more commonly known as Plug fans. These fans are extensively used by manufacturers of Air Handling Units and provide numerous benefits in performance and efficiency.
High performance characteristics from small diameter impellers and ultimate controllability are the main features with pressure ranges up to 1,000 pa and volumes up to 2.5m³ per second.

The EC plug fan range features a single inlet and direct drive with a two-dimensional centrifugal impeller mounted onto an electronically commutated external rotor motor with integrated electronics. The complete unit is statically and dynamically balanced in two planes and is available with impeller diameters from 250m up to 450mm.

A wide range of voltage inputs can be accommodated ensuring that the unit can be operated on various electricity networks with identical air performance. Compact, easy to install and highly efficient, these fans give more performance from less power; have low noise characteristics and are simple to control.

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