Pioneering VRF system includes ‘world-first’ aluminium heat exchanger

GOOD OPEN CASEMitsubishi Electric has launched the City Multi YLM VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) range of air conditioners, which they describe as the ultimate in commercial heating and cooling for UK businesses.

The system includes a “world first” use of a unique flat tube aluminium micro-channel heat exchanger which the company believes is a pivotal step change in providing more effective and efficient heat transfer. Protected with a special zinc coating, the aluminium heat exchanger is ideal for the UK’s temperate climate.

YLM delivers 26 per cent more contact with the refrigerant and 30 per cent more piping per area. At the same time, it reduces both weight and footprint and offers 10 per cent less system refrigerant volume than previous models.

YLM has been designed for seasonal efficiency and includes selectable increased and automated evaporating temperature control, optimised design of refrigerant circuit and components, and the ability to provide heat during defrost.

“Available in January, YLM delivers real, tangible and measureable improvements and is optimised to suit the UK’s conditions,” explains Mark Grayston, Air Conditioning Product Manager. “We see YLM as a game changer in the UK air conditioning industry and believe it raises the bar in terms of comfort, design and efficiency.”

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