Phoebe LED Launch Spectrum Emergency to its existing Spectrum APP Controlled Fire Rated Downlight Range


Phoebe LED has extended its newly launched APP controlled Spectrum downlight range to incorporate an exclusive emergency version (and DALI option).  The emergency version ‘Spectrum Emergency’ is unique, as it is the only fire rated downlighter on the market today to be self-contained and does not require a separate LED charge indicator to be mounted next to the fitting.

The APP controlled fire rated downlight incorporates two LED light sources, and offers dual colour and dimming control that can be simply operated from a Smartphone (Google Android or Apple IOS). Spectrum Emergency utilises the halo ring on the fitting to act as charge LED indicator to show the status of the emergency pack meaning the integrity of the ceiling and the IP rating of the luminaire is 100% protected.  Spectrum Emergency’s ingenious piece of engineering has been created by Liteplan who complete the conversions on behalf of partners Crompton Lamps in accordance with the required emergency lighting standards and is backed by their comprehensive warranty.

Spectrum Emergency is IP65 rated and has a 30/60 and 90 minutes fire rating verified in the UK by the LIA (Lighting Industry Association).   The Spectrum range also comes with the comprehensive 5-year warranty by Phoebe LED.


For further information on the Spectrum range including installation advice and the many stunning effects that can be created, see the video on

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