Philips launches UrbanScene range

Royal Philips Electronics has introduced UrbanScene, a range of complete lighting solutions – luminaires (with integrated brackets) and mast – for illumination applications and street lighting. Its modern, integrated family design and energy-saving features (high-efficiency lamps, electronic gear) enable an innovative and sustainable approach to urban lighting.
Designed to be unobtrusive, night-preserving and fully recyclable, UrbanScene has an elegant day-time appearance while providing decorative as well as functional area and illumination lighting at night. Smart integrated brackets, including a cardanic construction, allow total flexibility in aiming, while preserving the overall appearance of the light point.
Initially, the UrbanScene range will consist of two luminaires. Offering a choice of beams and accessories, the small CGP700 is ideal for low-power street lighting and illuminations. The medium-size CGP705 – designed to accommodate CosmoPolis or MASTERColour CDM-T lamps – has been optimised for street and area lighting.
In spring 2009 the UrbanScene range will be completed with three new models: a plug & play gobo projector, an architectural indirect luminaire and an efficient LED post-top fixture for piazzas.

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