Philips extends range

Philips is pleased to announce that its award winning LED Novallure candle range has now been extended to include a small bayonet cap (SBC) version especially to meet the demands of the UK market.

The bayonet cap is one of the most commonly used within light fittings in the UK. Typically found in decorative luminaries such as wall, ceiling and pendant lights as well as chandeliers, the new Novallure 3W clear SBC candle lamp is therefore a welcome addition to the range and will offer an ideal energy saving alternative to the incandescent tungsten filament lamp. The lamp provides approximately 80% energy saving and saves energy from the first day it is installed whilst providing similar light quality as a traditional lamp.

The Philips Novallure LED lamp, which received the prestigious iF product design award, as well as recognition from the influential Hong Kong Designers Association, is ideally suited for the hospitality as well as domestic market. Available in both clear and frosted versions it provides hotels and restaurants with a 3W LED replacement for classic 15W bulbs, lasting up to 20 years without need of replacement.

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