Philips enhances council chambers

Proud of their long history of serving the community, the lineage of Kensington and Chelsea’s mayoral appointments is now boldly displayed in the Borough’s Civic Centre’s Central Chamber.

Philips LEDline2 technology has been employed to bring this rich heritage to the fore. Formerly lit using halogen spotlights, only the first few inscriptions on the white stone mural were decipherable, the remainder resting unrecognisable in the shadows. Now, however, the vast stone engraving has been given centre stage thanks to LEDline2’s wash of uniform light skimming across the entire volume. Thus contrast has been provided by creating light and shade allowing the carved names to be clearly legible even from the back of the large assembly room.

The LEDline2 modules are based on Luxeon high-power LED, a revolutionary energy-efficient and ultra-compact new light source, combining the lifetime and reliability of light-emitting diodes with the brightness of conventional lighting. The LEDline module can also be tailored to the architectural structure allowing more freedom at time of installation. These factors allow greater precision ensuring that the curtain of light falls directly onto the mural achieving the desired dramatic impact. Here, two rows of LEDline2 were positioned along the top of the structure. As shadows between modules are eliminated there is a continuous line of light so full focus is given to the 12 metres high engraving. Since the LED module has been designed to blend into its surroundings there is minimal visual disturbance and therefore can be sited very close to the façade itself. To add further definition and bring out the central crest within the sculpture additional modules were placed at its base.

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