Philips brings flexibility

Philips is to continue transforming the way cities are illuminated by introducing the final elements of its innovative UrbanScene family of complete, flexible energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Built around flexibility and freedom the UrbanScene range can fulfil all main urban lighting applications – street lighting, area lighting, illumination and image projection. It comprises six distinctive urban lighting luminaires, plus dedicated masts and brackets, with an elegant daytime appearance.

With a huge choice of optical elements and the flexibility to aim the product at almost any angle required, UrbanScene creates all creative freedom for municipal architects and lighting designers in their urban lighting projects.

UrbanScene has been designed to accommodate Philips MASTERColour CDM-T and CDM-T Elite, CosmoPolis and LED light sources. Together with the wide choice of optics, this ensures delivery of high-quality white light exactly – and only – where it is needed, eliminating the problem of spill light and light trespass. Smart brackets allow flexibility in aiming, while preserving the overall appearance of the light point. The range also includes an architectural indirect-light version and a user-friendly gobo projector for eye-catching images.

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