Perth school takes preventative action against winter heat failures

Letham Primary school will be cosy this winter thanks to a specially created energy cabin featuring Sime boilers.

Perth and Kinross County Council approached BSH Innovative Heating Solutions, Sime preferred supplier for Northern Ireland, to design and manufacture a temporary boiler room with a bunded fuel store which would make it possible for the school to stay warm even in the event of a heating failure.

BSH created the temporary energy cabin using Sime 2R HE condensing three-pass cast iron boilers and Riello oil burners for use by schools in Perth and Kinross, starting with Letham Primary School.

The Sime 2R HE range of cast-iron boilers deliver outputs from 82 kW to 192 kW with a stainless steel post-condenser.

Having a contained and mobile heating solution prevents school closures as result of heating emergencies or failures during the winter months.

If there is a heating failure, the energy cabin can be moved to where it is needed so that the school can remain warm while waiting for parts or repairs to be undertaken.

The 300kw plant contains two boilers and works in modular stages for maximum efficiency.

Controls monitor heat generation and ensures an additional boiler fires up to keep consistent heat source in the event that temperatures drop.

When containing heating of this kind, safety is paramount.

The energy cabin features flame retardant cladding, which provides 144 minutes of fire protection.

All oil burners and oil lines have automatic overheat detection in order to prevent the fuel feeding a fire if one was to happen.

John Moran Sime national sales manager said: “We were delighted to be a part of this project as a BSH preferred supplier. The team at BSH Innovative Heating Solutions can always be relied on to create innovative and energy efficient heating solutions that enable customers to cut their carbon emissions and benefit from considerable cost savings.

“With this installation, BSH has created a mobile heating solution that will make it possible for the school to undertake the refurbishments it needs to throughout the year rather than being limited to completing all the work during school holidays. In addition to the flexibility that this provides, it also allows the school to protect themselves against heating failures.

“BSH’s passion for delivering cost effective and reliable energy efficient heating solutions mirrors our own ethos and we are thrilled to have worked with them to help Letham Primary School futureproof their heating system.”

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