Perfect time for washrooms

It’s a new era for the environment, and as some battle to conserve what we have, others carry on regardless. Establishments with washroom facilities are increasingly expected to provide a better, cleaner and greener experience. A new generation of self closing pillar tap from Inta can help make that happen.
The Perfect Time delivers a more sophisticated alternative to the traditional mechanical types that are already on the market, and can make a marked improvement to the economy and environment of washrooms.

Perfect Time is electronically controlled, and turning it on is a simple operation; touching the top of the tap starts water flow. Touching it again either stops or re-starts it at any point in its cycle. Because the Perfect Time only needs a touch, it’s ideal for operation by small children, the elderly and disabled or those who just have difficulty in operating traditional taps.

Operated electronically by a single, non-mechanical touch, the tap opens for a time pre-set by the installer. It has all the traditional advantages of its mechanically operated predecessors, but performs so much better.

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