Peace of mind for your water supply and fire safety from Aquatech Pressmain

The Aquamatic AMV- DS Pump Set will boost water supplies & sprinkler systems in residential buildings from a single, cost effective & space saving unit.

So instead of procuring and installing two separate booster sets, one for the cold water and another for the operation of the sprinkler system, you only need a single unit – Saving space and money.

Manufactured to meet the requirements of BS 9251.

How it works: If a signal from the BMS or the sprinkler control system activates the sprinkler mode on the unit, all pumps will run continuously at full speed. The unit is available with two to eight pumps to meet your building’s requirements.

The combined water & sprinkler range is completed with a suitable tank, where the stored water is used to supply both the sprinkler system as well as the domestic system (hot and cold water). As only one tank is required, there is a further saving on space and cost.

Aquatech Pressmain will design to your building’s requirements, supply, install and maintain the unit.

To find out more please call the sales team on 01206 215121





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