PC World selects Venture

New PC World stores are being fitted with 375W Natural White Pulse Start metal halide lamps from Venture Lighting. Venture lamps were selected for their ability to save energy, as well as their proven reliability and cost-effectiveness through the life cycle of the installation.
PC World has a strong environmental policy and wanted to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of its new stores. In using Venture’s 375W lamps with a 400W ballast running at 375W, the company has been able to save 25W per light fitting.

In addition, the bright white light of the Natural White lamps has enabled overall lighting levels to be reduced, while retaining the perception of brightness. The lamps also offer very high colour rendering to show the products to best advantage.

Further savings are achieved by the very low lumen depreciation of the lamps, which are able to deliver 90% of the initial lumen output after 8000 hours. This feature enables PC World to extend re-lamping schedules and to minimise the numbers of new lamps needed through the life of each store.

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