Paviom introduces new range

Exterior lighting manufacturer Paviom Ltd has extended its outdoor lighting portfolio by announcing the launch of Aptus and Multus. The new illuminated, sculptural bollards have been designed by international award-winning product designer, Terrence Woodgate, for the new Bollard and Wall Light range.

Aptus takes inspiration from the work of Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida with Terrence using aesthetics of a partial cut to bend the light head up from the main body.

Available in a range of different finishes, the Cor-Ten steel version has the ability to change its appearance as it weathers. On a dry, sunny day, it is brightly oxidized, almost orange but on a wet day the lamp becomes dark and mellow.

Configurations include single or double width versions with down and up lighting options. The natural light finish and lighting configurations make Aptus suitable for a variety of different landscape applications.

Another new addition to the portfolio is Multus, an ellipsoidal bollard manufactured from aluminium. Seamlessly rotating on an axis of 45 degrees to the body, the luminaire head makes this unique fitting suitable for many applications not usually associated with an illuminated bollard.

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