Pato Lounge Case Study

DSC03273A former bedroom showroom in the busy South London High Street of Orpington has been refurbished and brought back to life as the latest in the series of Lounge Bars sweeping the UK. The Pato Lounge welcomed customers through its doors for the first time in July 2015 and has enjoyed growing footfall month on month since its grand opening.
This bar, as with the others in the Lounge range, makes use of an otherwise empty building and creates a quirkily unique environment for customers. The drinks bar takes centre stage in the public area complete with sinks, dish and glass washers. Because of its central installation there is no naturally available drainage for the waste water. Yet, with a little help from Saniflo, this is easily resolved with a Sanicom 2 pump that discharges the waste water along small bore pipework running under the floor to the back wall where it is pumped up and across the ceiling and drops
DSC03258down a soil stack in a central column within the restaurant area. A further Sanicom unit is located in the boiler room to the rear of the kitchen; this unit takes the water waste from an ice machine (up to 100 litres every 90 minutes), plus condensate from the boilers and joins the same run of pipework in the ceiling void.

The well-thought out plumbing design equally applies to the kitchen and customer toilets at the Lounge located at the rear of the building. The largest Saniflo pump in the range, the Sanicubic XL, takes care of the waste from the kitchen sinks, gents, ladies and disabled toilets. Housed out-of-sight in a cleaners cupboard in the men’s bathroom, it works by pumping the waste up into the same pipework as the Sanicoms; arriving in a manhole at the bottom of the central column which then passes through a run of pipe underneath the floor, out of the door into street level drainage.
BGS Gas Services is the official heating and plumbing contractor for the Lounge Group and uses Saniflos of varying specifications in the large majority of conversions. Jeff Bateman, who owns the business, specifies Saniflo because of their durable build and reliability;

DSC03264“We tend to use a Sanicom in the bar area of all the Lounges because they are a pretty fail-safe option and when you’re serving members of the public 7 days a week reliability of operation is critical. We also specify the Sanicubic XL because it has the greatest capacity. We’ve installed a
number of these since they’ve been launched and they are working very well for us. The vortex technology is both efficient and reliable.”

The Assistant Manager of the Pato Lounge is Amy Wessell.

DSC03262“We don’t really know we’ve even got the Sanicubic XL to be honest. It’s concealed from view, yet is easily accessible because we keep the area free from obstruction. It’s very quiet so customers don’t even notice. Without it we would have been stuck for a way to get rid of the waste, so it’s obviously a really important piece of kit. The other pumps just work away and we don’t notice them either, but it seems ingenious way of making sure that all waste is disposed of. ”









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