Passivent gets recognition

The cost of installing a system to control natural air movement to ventilate buildings has become potentially non-existent.
Passivent’s Enhanced Digital Controller is the first kit of its kind to be recognised as approved equipment in the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme, which is managed by the Carbon Trust. It means that if a company installs a Passivent EDC to manage its ventilation system, it can potentially claim back 100% of the cost of the control system, instead of the traditional 25%.

Passivent’s Enhanced Digital Controller for zonal applications is fully programmable to meet the demands of different applications, with separate control of several zones, and a night cooling strategy. In addition to internal and external temperatures, sensors can monitor carbon dioxide, air quality and humidity. Passivent has also developed Enhanced Thermostatic Controls for single zone use.

Passivent’s comprehensive service for control systems includes selection advice, wiring diagrams, installation, commissioning, post installation inspection at six months and on-site demonstration and training, all carried out in accordance with CIBSE Guide C.

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